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Physiotherapy & Rehab Medical Centre

If you are tired of your heavy physical routine and want instant relaxation, massage therapy in Mississauga is the best pain relieving and relaxing method you’ll ever get in life. Mississauga massage therapy not only focuses on your comfort but it also takes holistic approach to let you experience a peaceful mind relaxing massage. Different people need different types of massages depending upon their type of physical, age and body shape. Expert masseuses in Mississauga always consider every customer special and try to meet his or her individual requirements. If you are looking for a Mississauga physiotherapy method, massage therapy is the best physiotherapy you will ever get to relieve your physical pain.

Health Benefits of Physiotherapy in Mississauga

Physiotherapy does not only make you active and energetic to carry out extensive physical work but it is also important for your increased blood circulation, rapid and constant flow of Oxygen, increased immunity level and offering resistance against chronic diseases. Physiotherapy in Mississauga also assist you to get in flexible body shape in a way that you cannot even feel any kind of a pressure on your body from anywhere. Mississauga physiotherapy is available to the customers on appointment basis. If you are searching for any kind physiotherapy due to your heavy workload or age factor, you can easily make an appointment with best Mississauga physiotherapy experts easily.

Being a premier Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, we provide customized treatment plans while keeping in view your individual needs. Our licensed health care practitioners will assess your problem thoroughly for designing best suited treatment plan for your quick recovery.

Because of us, You Do Not Have to Live With the Pain.

We have a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of professionals capable of taking great care of your exclusive needs with regard to physiotherapy as well as massage therapy.

You can easily visit the Duke of York Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre as we are located at the very convenient location in the heart of Mississauga, nearby the square one shopping centre. So you can avail our best physiotherapist near square one.

Our rehab center is equipped with latest and state of the art healthcare equipments for physiotherapy, and massage therapy.

We also provide custom orthotics, custom shoes, compression stockings and custom braces. (Lumbar brace, knee brace, ankle brace, etc).

Our female Physiotherapist possess the requisite expertise for applying the Physiotherapy in a professional and safe manner to relieve you from pain and discomfort resulting from workplace injuries, pulled muscles and road accidents. Moreover, if you are suffering from chronic pain in neck, lower back, shoulder, Tendon injuries, Arthritis. Our Professional and dedicated physiotherapist at Duke of York Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre would take care of your problems while applying physiotherapy in a professional and safe manner for optimal results being your ultimate choice to cure your chronic pain near square one.

If you are suffering from Cervical and Lumbo Sacral pain or Musculoskeletal injuries, visiting Duke of York Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre would prove to be really helpful as we treat these problems with Mckenzie techniques and specially designed Exercise Programs.

We follow patient-centric approach and with our professional and competent physiotherapists and massage therapists, will provide you the best possible Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services.

Why Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab Center?

We offer customized treatment plans according to individual needs, and following are the salient merits of our Physiotherapy and Rehab Center.

Our Range of Services

Duke of York Physiotherapy Mississauga and Rehab Center provides an array of physiotherapy Mississauga and rehabilitative services, like:-

1. Physiotherapy near square one:

With Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab Center, you can now get pain free without compromising your convenience. Situated near Square one shopping centre, we have female physiotherapist licensed from the College of Physiotherapist of Ontario. She will provide a personalized treatment plan, based on your specific needs and requirements.

Now you can get physiotherapy in Mississauga with free consultation and first free session. If you are suffering from sports injuries, chronic pain, work related injuries, accident injuries, we can treat you with latest technology, including ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, soft tissue release technique, and send you home pain free.

2. Massage therapy near square one:

Want to get a relaxing massage but don't want to go too far? We provide you with the best massage therapy in Mississauga with the best massage therapistist. Our professional massage therapist, licensed from the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario, will help you with anything, from chronic pain, stress, fibromyalgia to toning muscles after pregnancy. If you wish to avail soft tissue massage techniques, Duke of York Mississauga Physiotherapy and Rehab Center. is just the perfect place for you.

3. Customer Orthotics:

Bone related problems are quite common nowadays. Especially, pain in knees, ankles and hips is very common. At the Duke of York Mississauga Physiotherapy and Rehab Center, we provide perfect solutions to these problems. If you are suffering from flat feet, heel pain, Bunions, custom orthotic or shoes. Is very essential for you.

If you want the best custom orthotics in Mississauga, there is no place better than Duke of York Physiotherapy Mississauga and Rehab Center. We provide free custom shoes in Mississauga for our clients, which are therapeutically proven to reduce pain and uneasiness in the feet. We ensure that you get the perfect customized foot orthotics for walking and running.

4. Compression Stockings:

Do you have mild, moderate or severe varicose veins? Or you are suffering from pain in your legs, ankles, and feet due to standing for an extended period of time? You do not need to be worried anymore, we at the Duke of York Physiotherapy and Rehab Center, will provide you the best compression stockings in Mississauga. Compression stocking are used for varicose veins, calf pain and leg pain. these stockings comes in different sizes, knee high, thigh high and pantyhose. These stockings come in different sizes, knee high, thigh high and pantyhose. The stocking also have different pressures, 15-20 mmg, 20-30 mmg and 30-40 mmg.

Please feel free to contact us on 289-521-5282 Or just walk in to our Clinic Duke of York Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, 3885 Duke Of York Blvd, Unit C – 208, Mississauga, L5B 0E4, ON